Crossett Properties

Crossett Industrial Park
The site is bound by the Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi Railroad to the north, timber to the east, and County Road 252 to the south and west. Ouachita Warehousing and Logistics is located in the park and recent added a rail spur and rail car switching ability. Pinnicle Biofuels, a producer of bio-deisel ia also a tenant in the park with rail service. The newest addition is Arez International, LLC. Arez is a producer of resin for the pinting ink and varnish industries. There is a 300 foot radio tower adjacent to the site. There are approximately 800 acres adjacent to the site available from one onwer for development. The Crossett Municipal Airport is approximately Five miles from the site. The city of Crossett maintains a 5,000 foot runway capable of landing corporate jets. The Crossett Economic Development Foundation owns the site.

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