Connected to the World

We are no stranger to Foreign Direct Investment. We are connected to the world through these companies:

Zodiak Aerospace:  French-owned designer and manufacturer of composite elastomer material products for the aerospace, aviation, military ground forces, and commercial transport industries, including fuel delivery systems.

Evonik Foams:  German-owned manufacturer of non-burning, lightweight foam systems used in thermal and acoustic insulation applications in aircraft, space, marine, rail, building/construction and commercial industries.

Sapa Group: Norwegian-owned manufacturer of extruded aluminum shower, bath, and framing systems.

American Rheinmetall: German-owned munitions manufacturer.

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and General Dynamics: These American-owned aerospace manufacturers are all globally connected – working extensively with NATO countries in Europe and elsewhere providing and supporting defense systems.

How else are we connected?

If you invest here, we know that you will need to know that you can get there from here. Here’s how:


Our companies wanted access to a more robust, wider bandwidth, faster speed internet in order to remain competitive and in order to handle the volume of traffic and larger files that are part of business today. And, that’s what they now have – access to the broadband highway at very competitive rates with newly installed, uninterrupted fiber lines from the source to the business customer. Connections of up to 100Gbps in network speeds and multiple paths to the Internet via major network access points in Dallas and Chicago with tier 3 regeneration (site infrastructure offers multiple independent distribution paths with dual-powered equipment maintainable at an expected availability of 99.982%).

Air Access:

  • South Arkansas Regional Airport (ELD) with a 6,601 LF runway has commercial connections to Dallas and Memphis via Seaport Airlines.
  • Monroe Regional Airport (MLU) with a 7,507 LF runway is served by four air carriers; Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines/American Eagle with daily direct flights to Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • Little Rock International Airport (LIT) with a 8,273 LF runway is served by Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United, and US Airways.
  • Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) with an 8,351 LF runway is served by Delta, American, Allegiant, and United.
  • Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) with a 6,601 LF runway is served by American Airlines with commercial connections to Dallas.
  • Camden Regional Airport (CDH) with a 6,501 LF runway, Crossett Municipal Airport (CRT) with a 5,009 LF runway, and Magnolia Municipal Airport (AGO) with a 4,610 LF runway are accessible by private jet.

Highway Access:

  • Interstate 20, is 84 miles south of Camden through El Dorado via divided highways 7 and 167 and less than an hour drive south of Crossett via U.S. Hwy 165; I-20 West leads to Dallas, TX, while I-20 East goes to Atlanta, GA. Connections to I-30 to the west are via US Route 82 linking Crossett, El Dorado and Magnolia and via US Route 278 running northwest approximately 40 miles from Camden. I-30 West connects Arkansas with markets in the southwest, including Texas and Mexico, while I-30 East leads into Little Rock.  US Route 79 runs in a northeast and southwest direction from Louisiana, through Magnolia, Camden and Pine Bluff up into Memphis, TN. US Route 79 also connects to divided highways US 167 and I-530 both leading into Little Rock where they intersect I-40 which is a major thoroughfare from coast to coast, providing access to markets from North Carolina to California.  I-530 has been completed to Wilmar, Arkansas, approximately 45 miles north of Crossett. I-530 will link with the future I-69 connecting Canada and Mexico. Interstate 55 is approximately 120 miles to the east of Crossett and connects New Orleans in the south to St. Louis and Chicago in the north.

 Rail Access:


  • South Arkansas has an extensive network of short line railroads which feed our two three Class I railroads – Union Pacific (UP), Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), and Kansas City Southern (KCS). These carriers operate a seamless system moving traffic throughout the United State, Canada, and Mexico, with service directly from South Arkansas to a number of ocean freight ports on the Gulf, Mexico, and the West Coasts Coast. Rail service in Camden is provided by UP with one transload location served by both UP and BNSF. Rail service in Crossett is provided by Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad, with a rail spur in the Crossett Industrial Park.  AL&M is a Class III rail service, with connection north and south of Crossett to the Kansas City Southern and the Union Pacific. Rail Service in El Dorado is provided by UP. Rail Service in Magnolia is provided by UP.


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